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Hi thinktink,

Results are all good this end too (using Winamp v5.6.6.3507 with cPro v2.02 engine & FusionAmp WA-5 Skin).
I've tried it with MP3 & Flac files, tried giving it a hard time with lots of stopping & starting & by embedding to a playing file, but so far I cannot fault it.

I notice you've also included a pull down menu for 'Default Embed Type' under preferences.

Looks like another job well done. Many thanks for you persistence.

Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
I've not tried embedding to a playing file. That was causing random crashes before (due to the codecs which you have no control of), so its safer to work with non-playing files. Maybe that is what dstudd is/was doing. He didn't say.
Embedding to a playing file is something I've always tried to avoid, knowing it sometimes crashed, but simply thinking I was pushing fate.
However, as I said mentioned earlier, it now appears to pass that test too.
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