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Originally posted by glory_man
It will be better to start new thread ... í®_â±¥-ò_ª¨.
ͳæ_®-í³¦í®® αí_® ä«¿ í®¢è·ªî¢® È_殺墮䮢 ?î¢_ﮬ í__𳱱ꨩ ?å__å_¢ñ²°¥?
When the work (Help file from English into Russian) is finished, I will tell you here (or create a new topic).

De bene esse: my e-mail is oleg.ntagil at mail dot ru

È_ò¥¬_ê²® â_î±±è¨_(è_°?) - ï°¨ã«_?à_¬î©_ñ_©² !
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