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I've been playing with the line in a little bit. I don't have a sonos yet, but I used an iPod to the line in... There wasn't a delay in that setup.

I did have an issue with intensity of the visualizations. It was like the iPod couldn't amp up milkdrop as much as playing a mp3 directly from the harddrive. I set the recording volume on the input to max, and the volume from the iPod to max. For some reason when I changed the input from line in to microphone it really snows up the visualizations, but soundnt like crap.

My concern is if the sonos can send a big enoug signal to match the direct mp3

And will adding a stream to hear the music from the reciever add any delay. It will be setup like sonos streaming to the receiver and computer line on at the same time. The computer will not actually be "playing"
any music that can be heard.

Any thoughts ?
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