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Hi, thanks for your quick reply.

No, at the moment I am using the ANSI plugin with NSIS. But, because of some problems with my script I played a lot around with your plugin and also tested the UNICODE version.
Therefore I discovered these problems/bugs/inconsistencies.

Maybe its no bug then sorry for wasting your time...

Oh, but one other thing: Using the ANSI Plugin / 2.46 NSIS / Win7 X64. Installed on my test system was the AMD catalyst conrol center (sorry, at the moment I don't know which version - but I can receive it when you want to know).
The problem: while searching for processes it seems your plugin "touches" this running program (the control center) and causing it to crash.
Maybe the way you gain access to the running programs is the problem? The AMD tool was not in my lockedlist, btw. and it was the only program where I discovered such a behaviour but reproducable
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