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You don't need to use FindProcess - the whole idea is you use the plug-in to detect a locked file, folder or module (dll/exe) and it will display the process(es) that is locking it. If you want to add a process yourself, you can use FindProcess in a custom callback - see the LockedListCustom.nsi example script.

AddModule will not find 64-bit processes because NSIS is 32-bit. If you are running Windows x64 then you must run notepad.exe from SysWOW64 for the Notepad example to work. Yes this is a big drawback to the plug-in but unfortunately this is a limitation imposed by Windows. The readme clearly states this fact too - please read it.

Edit: I do have plans to add an AddProcess method some day which will work on 32bit/64bit Windows (by using WMI).

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