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Originally Posted by Batter Pudding View Post
Yeah, I remember that I was one of those nagging at the images. I just thought that DrO had ruled them out after looking in the source code.
he did, but your post i quoted above was well after that, and i agree with it. DrO has been wrong before, and i simply can't discount the seeming correlation between these problems and embedding, however anecdotal.

Originally Posted by Batter Pudding View Post
I also can't guess at what Uwe meant about the artwork. I don't know enough about how things are embedded. When he was talking of GIFs and JPEGs I assumed that was talking about files. That is why I asked Uwe for clarity at the end of my post.
when you embed, you are literally embedding an image file into the tag. so it makes sense to say "i embedded a jpeg into the file" b/c you can extract a jpeg from it. in other words, you actually have jpegs (or whatever) in your tags. the id3 frame is called APIC i think. not sure how its done in vorbis.

Originally Posted by Batter Pudding View Post
As you understand these tags better than me - what format is the artwork when it is embedded? Can it be either GIF or JPEG? I had previously just assumed it was only JPEGs embedded and anything not JPEG was converted. But that was me guessing and not reading the tag spec.
i don't embed, mainly b/c i think its inefficient and leads to more problems (like this) than it solves. however, i think the format is unchanged. whatever you put in, remains that way, and its up to the app to support a jpg, gif, png, or whatever.

so to be clear, i'm no expert regarding embeds. i could be way off.

Originally Posted by Batter Pudding View Post
I understand that different levels of compression and different sizes can be used in the artwork. So what image types are supported? Maybe the differing types of images could be sparking different results?
i think that depends on the app. but i would say jpg is most universal, followed by gif and then png. i would not use anything other than those three, and really, i'd try to stick to jpg exclusively. nearly all my folder art, is jpg.

i def think its some ratio of number of art files x resolution x art file size. i know DrO says this is barking up the wrong tree, and he may well be proven right. but i would like to see a test case, where a user has say 100k files all with big, HQ art embedded, vs the same 100k files with no art all of any kind, and then do the scan in new files, like 20k more. there has to be a way, like that, to start testing out some of these ideas or theories.

EDIT: BMPs used to be common as well, not so much anymore.

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