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No idea what RG is and google isn't helping, it being such a short name that appears in many words.

Mp3val I googled up, downloaded, and ran.

One of the files shows a problem, but only garbage at end. The other files in the same directory (same source), which both play fine in Winamp, also show the same problem. Just as a reminder, this problem file plays fine in VLC media Player. I've played it to the end before, it's not truncated.

The other file (and on further investigation, in this case it's the entire album worth of files, which I ripped myself years ago) is OK according to Mp3val, but still doesn't play in Winamp. And still plays fine in VLC Media Player.

I'm going to try re-ripping the CD for the one I have in that format, and see if the results are different. Which would solve the immediate problem, but not really resolve my curiosity.

(The music archive, and all my files, are on a Solaris fileserver with ZFS -- which means there are data block checksums for both copies of the redundant data blocks, and that they're verified on both halves of the mirror every week when I run a scrub. I can't of course actually rule out local corruption absolutely, but undetected corruption based on a disk, controller, or cable error is much much less likely in this setup than in most.)
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