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Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
No, I wasn't clear in what I was asking. I was referring to playlists displayed in the main playlist editor, but it would be useful in both, imo.
as it had only talked about the ML, that's what i'd assumed it was about.

as for the other things in the few posts above, is good to know i'm not the only one who thought the view request would be somewhat jarring (and could be annoying if you're doing something in a view and it then gets forced to a library view).

and related to that from talking with Victhor, maybe we could have some sort of 'insert search here' action or something like that as a quicker way to run and use a library query with the main playlist. not quite sure if it could just be done as a menu action only or if it would need a bit more user input / UI in-order to help it along (sort of like a dropdown list or little list display).

as another thing which came up from talking was some sort of means to find a SHOUTcast stream quickly based on say the genre of an existing playlist item - is mainly then how to deal with the displaying of station results as to how to provide that to the user and allow for selecting from the search results when they were finally obtained.
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