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Originally posted by billyvnilly
an "easy" method is to create playlists (m3u) for each ranking. So create a playlist of all of your 1 star songs from WMP.

After you have added all of your media to winamp Media Library, open up each playlist, select all (ctlr+a) right click > rate items.

Copying ratings into tags wont do much for you...seeing as how the winamp ML is lacking in the id3 department. (no ratings, yet)
Thx, I know this thread might be old. BUT your magic help transfer my Windows Media Player Ratings to my winamp v5.5.6

I am using Windows 7 64bit, and it comes with windows media player 12. It is a great media player, but winamp is so much faster and more fun to play with, plus it looks cool :P

Winamp rocks!

How I transfer my Ratings:

1. Navigate yourself in windows media player to find "Ratings" you should have two listed, "My Rating" and "auto rating". I would suggest only selecting "My Rating".
2. Lets start with Rating 5 Stars, double click on any song in this list and all of the 5 stars will play.
3. Lets perform a save as... and name it 5 Stars.
4. In winamp open your Media Library, on the left-hand side, look for Playlist. Right-click and select "Import playlist from file..."
5. Once all the songs load up, go to your playlist on the far right. (not the media library window, it doesn't let you rate it. JUST PERFORM a select all, or just ctrl A. right-click and rate 5 Star....


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