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"built-in classic" is the embedded image resources inside of winamp.exe whereas as "external classic" is what you make

at the time that gen_ml is processing all of the things it does, the classic skin has already been loaded and is available to use irrespective of the type (built-in or external) and that's why it's a bit confusing as all of the HBITMAPs are already there and loaded.

and when looking at the loading times in winamp.exe of built-in vs external, built-in is faster but it's a negligable difference in what i'm testing against (a few ms at most). though compiled resources are generally quicker to access since it's already there and available in the process space (as the HBITMAPs obtained are effectively just pointers to the memory in the process space which has already been read instead of having to read in and extract files as needed for external skin instances).

as the resources in winamp.exe and any of the plug-in dlls aren't compressed since that's how the PE format works. though at times i wish it was since the classic skin makes up ~1MB of the winamp.exe file size, but this is all down to the origins of the PE format and what the machines at the time could do, hence better to have them uncompressed easily accessible access to resources.
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