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I am pretty excited for the future of Winamp. I honestly had let it drop out of my radar (after having used it from MaximumCD's back in the day) due to just not remembering and getting things like an iPod.

I have already remade it a pretty decent part of my music playing experience. I have iTunes installed for my iPod touch, but am looking at jumping ship on iTunes and iOS for music playback (already have plans to buy an iPod video, replace the HDD with a CF/SD card and install Rockbox and use it exclusively for music playback on the go, with Winamp being exclusively for laptop music playback).

Perhaps the biggest thing that holds me back from a full switch over is that I like iTunes file management style. If you retag a file (change album name, change artist name, change track number, etc) it adjusts the file automatically. I am aware that ml_org exists, but I'm a little weary to use it since I've heard of problems with it deleting file extensions and leaving the ML in a bit of wreck play count wise. Is this feature being looked at in the new Winamp?
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