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thank you very much Andres,
totally WORKED, no errors no issues!
release build completed with all options! WOW

this is the first time i saw the menu's build; i know then it will work,

i think MASM didn't work right in all my attempts (i had it installed just not in path!)
i noticed it on my W7 after i added a pause to the batch;
(MASM installer ->

i added it to path prior but i didn't get any results;
i was just too frustrated from failing attempts; everything was just a mess before that,

i uninstalled; reinstalled as instructed;
only this time i actually used the win2000 command window!

in previous attempts; i cant explain why; i saw the 2000 link instructions;
i was convinced you had this posted before for W2000 and never changed the instructions
as i was going through my program menu; i first saw the Microsoft Visual C++ Toolkit 2003 folder;
inside i saw the command shortcut; which i dragged to my desktop and used it throughout,
my mind made the association from the 2003 TK i installed just before that,
i never realized i was in the wrong environment all along, (yes i know... )

Thank you both Jason and Andres for your time and patience; much appreciated

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