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its probably a combination... has anyone tested from a well connected system in a data center? from different geographic locations? i can test from san jose ca, fremont ca, los angeles ca, london uk, and zurich ch.

using an sc_serv running at one of the above locations, theres 2 ways to set this up.

to test FROM shoutcast to sc_serv, you would configure at shoutcast to relay sc_serv, then stream to sc_serv.

to test TO shoutcast from sc_serv, you would stream to sc_serv, then we can use any number of tools to tune in and re-stream/relay to shoutcast.

as is most often the case, data centers will use different providers for their inbound and outbound traffic. so being able to test both using the 'push/pull' methods above can be informative.

i can also provide load testing to see if maybe its a bandwidth related issue...

msg me if this might sound like something youd want to do
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