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It's SAM ...

I posted a reply last night with a couple of logfile snippets, and it seems to have been deleted? Didn't say anything when I posted, but oh well I guess code blocks aren't allowed ...

I finally realized it was caused by SAM Broadcaster, which even the latest version doesn't officially support SC v2 ... when I fired up sc_trans (most recent version) to feed sc_serv instead (by the way I am running the latest v2 build 0.19) everything appeared and updated correctly on the Shoutcast site, the songs history, coming up, and now playing. So this was just a problem with SAM ... it works great as a DSP but hasn't implemented the SC 2 protocol yet.

Just wondering if there's a workaround, or a way to export data from SAM directly to sc_serv to get the proper titles encoding. I'm sure a lot of people are having this problem.

Thanks for the help Daz and Thinktink ...

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