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Losing connection to stream. Need Fireproof Solution.

I have searched the forum and found solutions that may work, but I am looking for a fail-safe solution.

I am running a stream for a radio station translator. I am using BroadWave streaming server with the latest version of winamp.

I saved a playlist with the URL and a copy of the playlist shortcut in the startup folder. The machine is on a UPS, but if the machine ever stops and reboots, it automatically opens Winamp and starts the playlist. I have a number of the same entries in the playlist, and have the app set to repeat. I have upped the buffers to maximum.

It works well. However, if the stream from the studio is interrupted, the winamp playlist disconnects and never connects again, until I hit the play button. Which is difficult, because the computer is on top of an inaccessible mountain and not available remotely because it is behind someone else's PPPoE internet.

I need a solution that is fail-safe.

QUESTION: How can I set Winamp to detect a disconnect and try to reconnect an unlimited number of times (in other words, wait for the stream to start again)? Or, how can I schedule Winamp to shut down and restart once a day (preferrably midnight) to reset itself if there are problems.

I do appreciate any assistance on these questions.

Thanks in advance,

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