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Just released 3.5.0, the log files have a more modern design and are more easy to read on mobile systems.

Additionally I had to change the file name sheme a bit:

- [Log File] changed the file extension of backup log files from '*.html' to '*.winampbackup.html'*
- [Log File] changed the file extension of restoration log files from '*.html' to '*.winamprestore.html'*
- changed the file extension of backup files from *.zip/*.7z to*

The reason for this is simple, I made 2 mistakes in the past:

1. I allowed custom backup paths
2. I allowed localization of the file names

The main issue is that a user can save the backup archive on the root of an USB stick and if he then uses the delete all report files button it will delete all *winamp*.zip/7z files. deleting * is more secure.

Another issue was, that if you run BT in another language and then in English again, the English version won't delete e.g. PortugueseBR ceated log files.

This is all fixed now, the only downside is, that the manage page does not see your old backup and log files.

Note to translators I have updated the English language file, but there is no need to update your language files. I have mainly removed useless strings and fixed some typos.
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