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Right, Winamp must not be doing very well since there are mostly tumble-weeds around here. Which worries me, as I've always loved it.

Anyway, if you want anything done... I've resorted to quite an unacceptable solution (considering it's 2012), which is, renaming the metadata tags for all the tracks on my phone's SD, to make them start with a random unicode character.

I have downloaded mp3tag and used their scripting support to prepend a random number between 1 and 32767, converted to a unicode character, to each song. (this way, you have just one letter inserted at the beginning of the song, instead of possibly a whole 5 digits)

.$char($add($rand(),1)). %title%

Use the above code in the Tag to Tag function of Mp3tag, for the title, artist, or whatever winamp was sorting your playlist by.
The script will turn the title:
"The seven angels" into
".צ. The seven angels", where צ is some weird symbol. The dots are there to make it easy for you to clean this prefix with another script later, if you want to restore the original names.

I'll just leave this here for posterity, but I do hope that the winamp devs are going to fix this inconvenience.

PS: while we're at it, I would love it if winamp for android allowed us to rename tracks (and maybe also metadata) straight from the playlist. I hate having to search for the track independently in another program if I want to do that.
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