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'Shuffle' doesn't seem to truly randomize

I have been using Winamp since the get-go (1997?), and still appreciate it as much as ever for a variety of reasons. It is nothing short of amazing how the developers got almost everything right from the beginning.

But, and I feel reasonably sure of this; the shuffle function does not really and truly randomize/shuffle.

I have some 18-19 GB's of music files as of right now, yet there are some tracks I hear so often I have had to rename them .mp_ or .fla_ or .wm_ as the case may be, to not have Winamp load them and 'wear them out' in my mind, and then there are tracks I know I have that are almost never played.

It sometimes gets to where I search for songs from the top level of my music folder just to make sure I'm not mistaken and, sure enough, there they are but I have to 'force' Winamp into playing them.

Why might this be? Thanks.
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