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Originally posted by watadoo
Chad Wackerman, Dale Bozzio both late of Frank Zappa's bands and recordings.
Actually it's Terry Bozzio. Dale Bozzio is his ex-wife and she was the singer for Missing Persons.

Here's my favorites:

Neil Peart (greatest drummer ever)

Virgil Donati (solo and Planet X, most incredible feet of any drummer alive and just killer overall)

Danny Carey (tool)

Billy Cobham (solo, Mahavishnu Orchestra)

Terry Bozzio (zappa, missing persons, bozzio-levin-stevens)

Simon Philips

Phil Collins

Mike Portnoy (dream theater, O.S.I., liquid tension experiment)

Jim Keltner (studio drummer extraorinaire)

Rod Morgenstein (dixie dreggs, platypus, winger)

Jeff Porcaro

there are many more that are slipping my mind at the moment but the ones listed above are the creme de la creme IMO.
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