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Crazy main window

When I pull my main window so that it is wider, then resize it back to normal, it is split into two parts (see attachment). This is very ugly and I always have to reboot WA to get it back

CPU: P4 2.41 GHz
OS: Win2k Pro SP4
Sound: Avance AC'97
Graphix: ATI All-In-Wonder 9k
Winamp: 5.03 pro
DX: 9.0b
-Powerplay 2
-Reference FLAC player
-LineIn plugin 1.80
-Tara 1.0.3b
-Winamp TV (x86)
-Winamp2 vqf decoder 1.12b (x86)

[Edit --> DJ Egg]

Assuming this isn't caused by one of your non-supported 3rd-party plugins, I do believe this to be the same known bug as reported by ampewin 3 posts up...

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