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Originally posted by Wildrose-Wally
You are really doing the stupid talk here. At this point the 15 year old is armed and dangerous. What if the SWAT team member he shot in your scenario was your kid?
Kids get into SWAT teams? Now, if he were my SON--big difference--I would have to expect him to die, every day he went to work. (I probably wouldn't let him do it, if I had any say.) Just like driving a car--every time I get behind the wheel, I know it could very well be the death of me, because it's a major killer in the US.

If the SWAT guy isn't prepared to get shot, he probably needs to find other work. I don't think there's a draft for those positions. I mean, that sounds cruel, but it's necessarily true--they get sent into dangerous situations, because of the very danger of the situation.

(And, of course, I might point out that the 15-year-old actually IS someone's KID.)
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