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Query to EGG re above

Originally posted by DJ Egg

Yup, I can also confirm that all the problem feeds work ok on Vista without the http at the front, eg.

Jumping Monkeys: leoville*****podcasts/jm.xml
Security Now: leoville*****podcasts/sn.xml
Munchcast: leoville*****podcasts/mc.xml
Podshow's Podfinder:
What do you suggest for the same problem with WINDOWS XP Proff? I have also tried dropping off the "http" which means nothing to me but I still have the same problem" so its not just Vista thats causing this! I have had trouble with this from the day I downloaed Winamp and then all of a sudden when I posted the URL in the Subsciption box it worked and automatticly Requested but now it has stopped again!! any help please. Dasha:confused:
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