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FYI - I am back to the original ml_wire.dll from version 5.53. It is a little weird at times as it doesn't always update correctly - I have to sometimes nudge it.

An example odditiy... I found the Russell Brand feed had not updated.
So I tried refresh - no change.
I opened the settings, and copied the URL from Winamp into the paste buffer.
Deleted that RSS feed.
Then re-added it by pasteing the exact same URL back into the Winamp box... only to get the 404 error.

I then noticed that there seemed to be "extra characters" after the ".rss" as I could see a dot. Popped the cursor up there and deleted the dot and two or three "invisible" characters.

Then I tried again - and URL added. This time it worked perfect.

Soooo... checking into the Winamp feeds.xml I can see odd things...


What is that Korean (?) text, and where did it come from? I am pretty sure that I added these with a cut and paste of clean text.

I KNOW I just added that Russell Brand one in clean as I carefully deleted all the text at the end of the URL - including the last "s" in ".rss". I then reinstated that "s". So there should of been NOTHING left after that point.

So where did those extra characters come from?

Pixies in my PC again?
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