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On my setup, it seems to of settled down for now. Currently running 5.54 with the dll as shipped in that installer. And it seems to get the podcasts now.

The main problems are down to how the text is actually saved from the RSS feed. Sometimes extra characters seem to creep in. A bit weird.

In my case, I have gone and made copies of the inifiles that hold the feed details. When I get a problem, winamp seems to kill these files. So I fix it by swapping the original back in again.

IMHO - there seems to mainly be problems if I open and shut Winamp too quick. As there is no signal that a podcast is downloading - this mean it is possible to close Winamp mid-download. This could be when the corruption occurs. (There is no other pattern I can obviously spot).

Also - once the list is fixed\stable, it doesn't seem to cause any problems until I add a new RSS to check.

(I have explained my observations above. And there seems to be a bit of a "head in sand" attitude about this at Winamp. They don't want to know, and\or are too busy, so there seems to be no fix being looked into. As an ex-developer, I can understand this response.)

Generally - I am happy with it. And for a bit of software that seems almost abandoned since AOL bought it, it is still a darn fine product. (Abandoned may be a harsh word - but there is a very small team working on this excellent Audio Player now... which is a pity. So much better than iTunes)
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