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Originally Posted by voodoohippie View Post
6. There will always be Winamp clones most of them FREE and don't require a pro license.

8. DONT TRUST AOL any future versions may have adware and spyware so scam any FREE versions of Winamp with anti malware programs like malwarebytes, Combofix, Spybot S&D.

9. Any future versions of Shoutcast WILL must likely have adware so don't Download anything newer than 1.9.8 and if your a Shoutcast host don't Download 2.x for there is no reason to do so because there will be NO yp directory so why give your customers a buggy piece of software that could be riddled with Adware and spyware.

10. I'm sure there will be a bac
or in future versions of Shoutcast where AOL could DDOS attack your Radio station anyway because I predict that they are going to have their own service. Remember the adware in AOL Messenger? Don't be fooled AOL is all about lining up their pockets and not about the future of Internet Radio.
you are so full of shit on all of those points.
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