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I was a part of a Teleconference and Wes has a license for the Codec. Plus the Icecast server supports AAC+ so get your station listed in Vtuner and Pioneer Audio app and you will do better than the SC directory.

Better yet listen to the Teleconference and be educated. We knew and waited for this and now Wes is about to fix what is wrong with Internet Radio. He has talked about how important AAC+ is amung other things to promote and make your station better. Even the staff at iTunes who some would not list a station below 128K Mp3 when playing Music. This helps all 4K AAC+ stations Shoutcast or Icecast V2 KH.

There still is room for more education and with a passionate community with open minds willing to learn will we achieve our goals with or without Shoutcast which will still run without the YP.

Some apps like XiiaLive. This app could be re written for Icecast V2 since you can manually enter Icecast streams.

Now lets be clear DJCMedia did not invent Icecast V2 just to be clear. They are with AdsWizz however. So our stations will continue to thrive.

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