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David W
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JazzRadio Premium PLS files stopped working

My paid premium membership at JazzRadio allowed me to stream and listen via WinAmp and VLC until it stopped working with both on my Toshiba Win 10 laptop this past Tuesday.

(The stream is actually Icecast and not Shoutcast, and I will cross-post this problem over at the Icecast forum)

I went to my account at, generated a new "Listen Key" for .pls files, and then downloaded a new WinAmp compatible .pls file. However, just like with the old .pls file, it tries to connect, fails and times out. (VLC, another "supported" media player has also stopped working, but VLC works with the same .pls file on my Android tablet, so it's not a problem with communication through my cable modem or WiFi router.

I don't use Windows Firewall, and I tried turning off Bitdefender anti-virus and my VPN, separately and both off - but that did not help either. I also ran CCleaner and scanned with Malwarebytes, and no problems were found.
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