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opus stream behaviour

Hello thinktink!

I use Winamp for a long time in erm... automated environment to spread sound stream across several target hosts. The mp3 stream over IceCast performs pretty reliably in my case (some issues was reveled and fixed).
But one thing is continuously poisoning the meadow: mp3 stream has huge and non-stable audio latency due to buffering mechanism.

So, I tried to use your plugin with OPUS coder (in the RadioCaster app) and IceCast. The IceCast mount point must be named as *.opus for your plugin to be able to catch it.

Streaming itself works very-very well in this setup! Just about 3 sec of audio latency and almost immediate starting of replay after connection.
Oh, gods! This is very cool!

But there is a tricky problem with connection mechanism compared to mp3-plugin. When mp3-stream source is lost, Winamp skips it and trying to open next item in playlist. If Repeat is set to "Repeat one" or "Repeat all" this gives simple retry/failover method. But opus-stream replayed by your plugin usually stucks if the stream is unavailable. Winamp just falls into Stopped state, it doesn't step to next playlist item and nothing is happening further.

I hope there is some simple way to make your brilliant opus-plugin to behave more like classic mp3-plugin so the simple retry/failover approach became possible here.


Sorry for my pirate English. =)
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