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Hello thinktink,
first of all, thank you very much for your great work: so far, this is the only way I found to play an OPUS Internet stream in Winamp. We are experimenting a lot with OPUS streams because their quality is waaay higher than MP3 or AAC+v2, expecially on lower bit rates.

We're finding out that, actually, streaming in OPUS is currently a mess, expecially when it comes to embedding titles in the stream. We tried with ShoutCast (titles pass but no sound), Icecast (sound passes but no titles), and finally we found out that MB Recaster (even the free edition) has an embedded streaming server that, wow, correctly handles both audio and titles! In fact, in VLC I can happily see the titles. Unfortunately they don't show up in Winamp with your plugin, even checking the "Require ICY" option.

Would it be possible for you to have a look on it? On I'm hosting a test stream from our radio station: if you open it in VLC you see titles passing in the title bar, but this doesn't happen in Winamp.

Thank you very much!
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