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Yes, I can't believe that the version available @ is still that old buggy v1.71

Basically, as from a few months ago, Gracenote ( switched over from using cddb1 to cddb2.
Therefore, only cddb2 compliant software is compatible.
The new Nullsoft plugin (in_cdda.dll) in WA2.78 is compatible with cddb2 and therefore should still work with one of the addresses in my previous post.
However, the CDReader plugin is NOT compatible with cddb2, so all the older versions of both plugins are pretty useless with the default settings, whereas the latest 1.95 version of CDReader uses by default

I think I'll e-mail the author and ask him to please submit the new version to the winamp plugins section. Then we won't get any more problems such as this one

As for Creative PlayCenter, well my advice is to uninstall that p.o.s. as soon as possible. But if you really want to keep it, then you'll also need to change its cddb address to because PlayCenter2 is also not compatible with Gracenote cddb2.
And . . . whilst we're on the subject,
make sure gen_nomad.dll hasn't reared its ugly head.
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