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Not sure, all I did was plug it in, didn't even load the drivers for it and it worked. Shows up in the portables tab of the library and has choices to sync and stuff from there. This was on Winamp 5.552 (most current) and on WinXP home. Seems to work more reliably with the driver loaded, though on the machine that was used I sometimes need to connect from a fresh boot or it will loose the connection and then reconnect. I'm pretty sure this is something to do with the computer used and not the player. Maybe check the firmware to make sure you have the most current, I think I might have flashed mine (or at least tried to flash it), the firmware is on the Sony site for download.

FYI the PSP 2000 and PSP 3000 will play files encoded to aac+v1 with the m4a encoding type, so now I'm a bit torn between a PSP and one of these Walkman Video players. Price is pretty close between a used 3000 and a new walkman. Ripping the rest of my library now.

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