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OK... So a couple weeks ago I bought one of these (had borrowed one for the previous tests) and it does indeed play aac+v1 files that Winamp rips just fine, and sounds good doing it, but there is an exception... It only has decent volume with headphones that are 16 ohms impedance and below!!! Even when you plug the headphone out to a line in amplifier it may not have enough drive to do the job!!! After about an hour with Sony support chat (because their email link is no good), I'm told to fill out the online return request form. I enter the date I purchased and it throws an error that the date can not be in the future! So I get on Sony chat again and the idiot wants me to use a different browser. In this day and age if your site doesn't support Firefox, IE, and Safari there is a significant problem.

Sent an email to the place I bought it asking if I can just return the piece of junk for a refund. I know Sony repair won't find a problem with it, both units I have access to are the same volume, and the web is scattered with reports of low volume with most headphones. There currently is no hack to make it louder as no one has been able to find the secret service menu.

Too bad because this looks like a decent player, but it just will not work with the majority of headphones. A very frustrating experience to say the least.

Looks like my laptop will get more of a workout with music playing duties. Sucks in the car though because the display gets unreadable with sunlight. No other player advertises aac+ support, maybe the Zune will since WMP12 will support this when it arrives.

Your mileage may vary!
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