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Today I have downloaded 2 more presets, by You and by xmuzack. I think, I will see them this week.

I forgot to mention, that since April I am on 2629 skins. The ugly skins are not in my Winamps on my PC & notebook, and I dislike especially those Modern Skins (Non-SUI) which look like Metallic Skulls or like Machine Guns. Since 3 days I am on 36590 presets and 1144 pages, and maybe I will use maximal 40000 of over 52000 presets. I will exclude the very ugly presets and those presets with very annoying filenames from my usage, but I still have them in my archives incl. my ultra-archives.

Do I have only my generalized anxiety disorder or is there a real danger for our Planet Earth now? Frank and I really don't want, that our Beautiful Blue Planet with all the many lifeforms on it will be destroyed now. How would I feel, if I would hear "now it will happen"? Of course I never want to see it happen. I want to see all the lifeforms alive also for the future, and maybe also the humans still want to stay alive and enjoy all the technical features which we have reached now, incl. the hardware and software.

As next I will have dates also with a neurologist, not only with a psychiatrist and with an orthopedist. My left hand gets more and more defect, maybe soon it will not work correctly anymore. And these newer problems bring my older problems more into the background.

Fumbling_Foo, for You I hope all the best and keep strong...

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