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Originally Posted by boinkman View Post
Just updated my Winamp for Android on my Droid X2 and lost all streaming function. If I select a stream, whether it's in Shoutcast or Free Music Winamp shows "connecting", then "buffering", and then it shows the player for a couple of seconds before it goes right back to the stream selection screen. I tried dozens of previously working streams to no avail. Where can I download the prevous version so that I can side-install?
I was worried this was going to happen. The Droid X2 came out just a few days before we released. The CPU architecture for the X2 is significantly different (mainly from being dual-core), and there a few places in the code that could potential not work with two cores. We just ordered one of these phones here at the office so hopefully it should be worked out soon. Sorry about the problems.
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