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Originally Posted by Benski View Post
I was worried this was going to happen. The Droid X2 came out just a few days before we released. The CPU architecture for the X2 is significantly different (mainly from being dual-core), and there a few places in the code that could potential not work with two cores. We just ordered one of these phones here at the office so hopefully it should be worked out soon. Sorry about the problems.
Hey Benski! Thanks for the quick reply. Just wanna let all those DX2'ers out there know that the previous version works fine albeit without the extras in 1.1.

Oh yeah, Benski....don't forget that the sdcard and sd-ext are set up differently. Some progs wont think to search for media outside the internal media storage(sdcard). The sd-ext is actually the "sd card". Go figure, Moto.
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