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Originally Posted by Pawel View Post
Yeah, colours makes sense... but, there are over 80 extensions for winamp, so it would be hard to define so many colours... that is why i wrote about groups.
I see. Colors can just be recycled though, if they become too many. This is what the icon pack of the software (KMPlayer) I put a screenshot of did (.TS and .TP share the same color, among other file extensions). IMHO, the number of colors should just be enough to allow variation between the most popular audio file and/or Winamp file formats: mp3, aac, flac, ogg, m3u, m3u8 (m3u and m3u8 could have the same color), etc. Which should be around two dozens.

Originally Posted by Pawel View Post
As I wrote, I didn't see such Icon Pack, however, I can create such in future.
Alright, will just check again later. Thanks.

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