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Once I had used the Color Editor for the default Bento in Winamp 5.581 (somehow between 2011 and 2013), later I exported them, backed them up and pasted them also for Big Bento, not only Bento. When my PC got 2 new harddrives and the second Windows Install in July 2013, my files were not lost. My 20 own Color Themes are still alive.

I have read about the bugs with the Color Editor. I didn't have tried it anymore. But I have found another similar Color Theme for another Modern Skin (cPro2)...

Currently I am focussed on random textures, desktop wallpapers and Komodo backgrounds, and I have a subfolder with 180 desktop wallpapers (they are not too small). On my PC I change the desktop wallpaper manually, on my notebook I have them in the slideshow. I have tested them and I have accessed them directly via "DESKTOP".

Komodo Vanguard and Komodo X Touchscreen are really very good together with my own works and the works by the Creative Commons Artists (the other good musicians).

BTW, I should finally upload my next 60 own desktop wallpapers on deviantART. 48 other own desktop wallpapers are there already...

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