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pmp_iPod deletes iTunes Smart Playlists


Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong. I have recently decommissioned my old PC which had a Winamp database that I used to sync my iPod manually through a playlist.

However on both my laptop and my new desktop PC any syncing through winamp removes the all the smart playlists. At first I thought I had solved it by making sure I had a playlist selected to be synced and ticked the option to only synch the selected playlists.

That seemed to work at least for when you connected the iPod with winamp running, but the moment you upload a track from winamp the smart playlists disappear.

It is starting to get really annoying having to go back to iTunes to re-instate my smart playlists as it all has to be done manually.

I'm pretty convinced my old PC did not have this problem, although I won't have enough time until the weekend to test whether it also removed the smart playlists.
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