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PHP/JS Access SHOUTcast data and AJAX API

Hello everyone,

I'm a web developer and my actual client wants me to create a website for his web radio.
He is using SHOUTcast V2 DNAS server on a Debian Stretch installation.

I already created a HTML5 player, and I made a PHP script that accesses to http://serverip:8000/admin.cgi?mode=...d=1&pass=xxxxx to get information like current playing song, history of played songs etc.

At this point, I have 2 questions that I can't find a solution.

1/ Actually, I need to call my PHP script each X seconds (approximately 5s) to refresh radio data. That will not be optimized for huge traffic. So I wanted to know if is there any solution to know when information as changed (like when a new song is playing)?

2/ I found this: and tried to access it with Postman (i just put the IPort, and op and seq parameter in header), and can't access to it. Someone can explain me how should i access to this API ?

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