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volume super quiet every morning

This is the same problem many others have complained about:

Windows 7 adds the feature of individual volume sliders for every application you run.

Windows 7 then lowers the volume of winamp to about 20%.

For most people with this problem, the problem is that Control Panel->Sound->Communications has the checkbox "diminish volume of other applications when communications are detected".

Thing is - I never had that on in the first place. I turned it off months ago and have verified that it's definitely off.

I don't even use a microphone to communicate -- even my FB chat and gmail chat are disabled. But it doesn't matter because the communications setting is turned off.

And it STILL happens. Sometimes more than once a day. Usually when I am asleep and not even using the computer. I go to bed with the music at the right volume and wake up thinking the power has gone out because the music is so quiet I can't hear it over the traffic outside.

And no, I can't switch from DirectSound to WaveOut because I use both with different soundcards / different rooms.

(Nor would I want to take away winamp's separate-volume capabilities. Music is way louder than movies, and if you want to switch between the two without making your friends jump out of the couch, music needs to be lowered in volume when switching between.)

So what do *I* do?

As far as I can tell, even though I've been using it since the 1990s - Winamp can no longer meet my needs because of this. Really it's Windows 7's fault, but Winamp is the only app that's getting lowered to 20% all the time. No others are. Just winamp. Every. Night.

I am at wit's end here. I haven't owned a cd player for over 5 years because winamp has always met my needs. My needs expanded, i have 3 stereos in 3 rooms, and winamp controls them all.

Now my needs aren't being met (because of Windows 7, which is fixing many other things that were broken for me).

Is there a fix here?

I will happily provide more information. If someone would just respond...
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