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the OLDEST bug

this has been a bug since (at least) winamp 2:

when one plays an mp3 in winamp for several hours, the time display will at one point start to display an enormous time. i assume that the value switches to the total time one is playing that mp3. the easiest way to reproduce it is to play an mp3 before going to bed and have a look at the display when you get up.

i don't know if that applies to short mp3s aswell, but it does for mixes. i'm used to display times between 200 and 400 minutes, so i guess it starts after ~3 hours of playing that file.

since this happened on various computers, i don't think my specs are important, anyway:

pentium iv 2.4ghz
intel d845gbv2
1gb ram
windows xp/2k3
nvidia gf4 ti4200 (detonator)
sb live (kx drivers)
directx 5
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