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Winamp moves when display options changed

This is an annoying bug/behavior of winamp I have seen throughout the years. Whenever I change my monitors display options winamp moves from the position where I placed it.

I have two monitors and winamp is snapped to the bottom right corner of the secondary monitor. Whenever the main monitors resolution is changed (like when loading a game) or the orientation changed (rotating to use vertically) winamp will move from the place I set it on the second monitor. This is annoying as I have to move winamp back where it should of stayed. Winamp is the only program that resides on my second monitor that has a problem with this.

I would be happy if winamp could be changed so changing display options doesn't affect it's relative position on a monitor.

Tests I tried:
1. Place winamp on secondary monitor
2. Change orientation of primary monitor
3. Observe winamp no longer in the same place on secondary monitor
4. Undo orientation change, if winamp was "pushed" off the secondary monitor it will be on the main monitor if not it should be where it was placed.

It appears to me winamp is trying to retain it's x,y location. For example I have a 1680x1050 primary monitor so I put winamp right at the right edge it's x,y location will be 1500,500 for example. When the primary monitor is rotated it "becomes" a 1050x1680 monitor, so winamp will get pushed to the second monitor because it wants to stay at the same x,y coordinated and not change to account for the display change. I believe this should be a fairly trivial thing to fix since so many other programs can account for changes like this.
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