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Originally Posted by pball_inuyasha View Post
I'll still personally call it a bug, since winamp is the only program that exhibits this behavior and that makes it outside the norm.
Now is that nice?

I like that Winamp is outside the norm. With the right plugins, I can do stuff I can't
do with other media players.

But seriously, I understand your frustration, however I've yet to see an app that
self adjusts for resolution changes during or between executions. I think you're
very lucky that Winamp is the only app you've used that has position issues.

Most apps I've used let Windows handle remembering window size and position and
maintaining an equivalent placement if the screen resolution changes. Windows does
a good, but not perfect job of this. Sometimes it forgets and you have to 'retrain' it or
it puts stuff on the 'wrong' monitor if you hot switch from a single monitor to a multi-
monitor setup. Or, what I hate, you run a game or other full screen app that changes
the resolution and when you return to the desktop resolution sometimes things are
moved from where they were. Each version of Windows does get better at this stuff.

I've even tried a few of those apps that hook into Windows and try to help with
window size and position issues. They helped with some apps and did nothing for

Some apps I've used do not let the OS or anything else remember the window size
and position you left them at. They always reopen the same way and you have to
re-adjust the size and position. They do not self adjust for resolution changes.
Sometimes some of them open partly off the screen (and its usually the part you
need to click on in order to drag them back) and you have to use keyboard shortcuts
to move them fully onto the screen.

Other apps I've used are like Winamp, where they remember the x,y for the size
and position you left them at and try to reopen at the same place. And yes, they
also do not self adjust for resolution changes. But, they also do not forget and
always return to the last size and position (if you don't change the resolution).

Going forward, the Winamp developers may join the crowd and decide to let Windows
handle remembering window size and position and adjustments for resolution
changes. This will not solve all the issues, but they won't have to take the blame.

Things are frequently not as hard as they seem. The reverse is also true. Sometimes,
you just have to roll with the punches until a solution is found. Live long and prosper.
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