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UID in admin page 3 seems incorrect

I have been working on a anti-ripping script but I have hit a bit of a snag. When I call a URL to the Shoutcast DNAS to kick an offensive listener nothing happens. I am passing the UID from admin page 3 for a listerner but I have noticed that it doesn't match the value for the kickdst variable in the kick URL on the listerner and stats page. The below are examples from the live server (sanitized of course).

Kick URL on listener and stats:

XML from admin page 3 for the same listener.

<USERAGENT>NSPlayer/12.00.7601.17514 WMFSDK/12.00.7601.17514</USERAGENT>

I am calling the same url as the one from the listener and stats page to kick a listener but the kickdst URL value is not matching the UID value in the XML . I really need to get this script working, any help would be appreciated.

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