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Originally Posted by DJ-Garybaldy View Post

RadioDJ isn't a bad program because its free. Its quite reliable & stable and easy to use once setup.

SAM has 4 different database setup options and uses MySQL also along with 3 other dodgy database options. So that wouldn't help him if he's confused as to what a database is. Plus SAM Costs $$$ and really isn't worth buying.

You can do MORE than SAM Broadcaster with RadioDJ it has more event actions than SAM for starters
hmmm.. no need to lie. Let's set the record straight. No, RadioDJ does not even come close to what you can do with SAM Broadcaster Pro - let me repeat it again.. not even close.

sure RadioDJ is reliable and stable and easy to use once setup as you mentioned. But as far as advanced features, PAL scripting, reports and a ton more.. not even close.

We tried RadioDJ and gave it a shot.. but went right back to SAM Broadcaster within a month. We got tired that all of the basic features that come standard with SAM Broadcaster had to be installed thru 3rd party plugins with RadioDJ.

- Multiple encoders (aac, mp3) - 3rd party plugin.
- Advanced playlists/song categories - 3rd Party Plugin - years away from SAM's playlist rules, categories, separation by (artist, title, album)
- Liners.. good luck with different song categories
- Overlay - be prepared to manually set all your intros for each song manually - good luck with 5K+ song libraries
- streaming metadata - 3rd party plugin
- lack of deck pitch, volume, tempo control

this is just to name a few things that RadioDJ lacks or is really bad at.. PAL scripting with SAM Broadcaster brings things to an even higher level.

As I mentioned, if you're serious about radio.. SAM Broadcaster is the way to go. If it's just something casual, RadioDJ and several other FREE programs are an option (Zara Radio)
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