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Originally Posted by NJK View Post

does Sam pay you for this advertising?

if not, the playout system has been , is and always will be a choise by the one who is using it.
There is no bad or good playout system
sure there are pro's and con's to all systems but bottemline is that there is no good nor bad, so your choise is not the way to go.

I can think of other playout systems that can run circles around Sam software
But you don't see me telling others that they need to buy that....
to your comment that I bolded... I'm sure you can. However, I simply clarified a flat out lie made in the SAM vs RadioDJ conversation. If we're going to share information to help someone be prepared to be fact checked.

I actually encourage you to share information about other broadcasting software (free or paid) - then people who read can make decision for themselves.
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