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Using winamp through a remote or front panel on my laptop

Okay, here's the situation... My Toshiba laptop has a little front panel on it with some play/pause, next, buttons on the face to allow the playing of media (cd's or mp3's) without having to have your computer open (or even on in the case of cd's). My laptop basically looks like this

and as you can see if you look closely, on the front below the keyboard/wrist area there is a little front panel player thing. There is also a remote which has the same functions as the front panel thing and some others as well.
Right now through toshiba's utilities I can choose which program I want to open to play music when I press play, but the only choices are the crappy Toshiba Media Player and Windows Media Player. Neither of those are what I want. I want to be able to open winamp and use it through these keys or remote. IS THIS POSSIBLE? Would it be difficult to accomplish? Would editting the registry be the only way? How can I add Winamp to the list of programs in the toshiba utilities area that I can choose from?
If this is in the wrong forum I'm sorry. I put it here cuz I'm using Winamp2.8

I'm running Windows XP home edition on a toshiba laptop like I said and I want to use Winamp with these little front buttons. Is it possible? If anyone knows how to set it up so I can use Winamp with these buttons please let me know and I will be forever in your debt. Thanks.
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