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this should be a PROMINENT, easy-to-find feature!

Virtually NO ONE knows about this. I have been looking for this no-brainer feature for...years...OK, well, occasionally, for years, fuming after having to go back to my PC for the 8th time in an hour, say, just to restart a radio station. Developers and several internet-radio provider troubleshooters I've been in touch with have had no knowledge of this capability.

This should be a DEFAULT setting for all internet radio stations. And though I am happy to have found this method, it smells like a "workaround" - it gets the player to do what ALL radio players should be set up to do automatically.

Also, should not require stations to be placed individually, one per playlist, as this method does.

EVERYONE gets disconnected for mysterious reasons, sometimes with annoying frequency. Many times I have wished for a means of tracking/identifying those disconnects. Is it my wireless LAN? My EVDO? uTorrent hogging bandwidth? It's almost never possible to say with certainty. Not sure this would be a feature for winamp to include, wouldn't hurt.
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