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WIFI Sync not working after crash

can some one please help me with this one, my WIFI-sync with my android phone (Sony Xperia SP) was working perfectly until the PC side crash mid transfer and now the phone will no longer connect to the desktop.

The phone shows up in Winamp on the desktop under devices but when I click attach, nothing happens, I can connect a new phone without any issues so I'm guessing there is a setting specific to each handset somewhere.

I have tried uninstalling winamp on the PC and removing the %appdata%\winamp folder as well as force stop/clear data on the hand set but no difference. I've even tried changing the name of the phone but no help!

I'm trying to get some Christmas tunes on my phone for my son so could do with getting it working quickly but don't know where else to look, there must be a file/reg entry I can delete to sort this??

Thanks in advance,
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