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Title display OK on Stream 1, NOK on Stream 2

Hi there,
I run a Mac Nicecast server (don't stop reading here, please, it works like charm since years! ) and stream to Shoutcast radio server. Title display was never an issue. Now I moved to a new radio station and, surprise, my title info does not get through anymore, whilst title info from other users using Winamp or SAM is displayed correctly.

On the other hand on my private test-stream my title data is displayed correctly when using my Nicecast server. Both streams, radio and private, run the same Shoutcast versions on Linux. Both obviously have title data activated, but only one displays title data with Nicecast.

As I at present see no reason to blame Nicecast, as it worked flawless since long time, I wonder if there is any character coding setting option or anything else on the Shoutcast Server side, which can cause this phenomenon?

Any hint or advise is appreciated.
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